Six Haitian Music Videos
from the Past

These Haitian music videos have a place in the heart of all Haiti's song lovers. There's no doubt they are part of our classics.

 Among so many, we gathered six.

From the swagging compas of Sweet Micky...  to the romantic sound of Yole and Ansy.  

From the original cadence of Emeline Michel...
to the peaceful melody of Ticorn.

The video quality may not be what we are
used to today, but we will always love these live pictures of our beloved Haiti.

 Here they are, enjoy! -Or,
watch more recent Kompa videos here...

This song... by Yole and Ansy Derose tops our mini list.

"Merci" - Thank you- sings how they are grateful toward each other for the sometimes inexplicable love they share.

Colibri by Ticorn is a sad but hopeful piece of music. The bird "Colibri" is like the message of hope we are still clinging to.

Emeline Michel, the diva of Haitian music broke all tabous with her Lanmou se flanm song (love is a burning fire)

This is a first...
when it comes to our women expressing their deepest emotions plainly, and on TV.

A romantic Konpa song :  Moun damou pa kite!
Reciprocal lovers never call it quit. So true...

What should you do with your strongest feelings? Express them the same way Ronald Rodrigue does in "Santiman".

Now, let it all loose with Sweet Micky!

Like it says in the video, this kompa style is not only sweet... it's Honey-sweet!

How does it make you feel to dance to those Haitian songs? Doesn't each one deserve a five-star rating and a place in our memories?

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