Haitian Compas Videos

Haitian Compas is showcased at its best through the video playlist below.  Haitian-culture.com took the time to handpick these wonderful videos for your sole enjoyment. And, we kept it strictly... Konpa!


Haitian Compas

Posted by admin on August 28, 2011

Taste the konpa gombo!

There's a total of 14 Kompa masterpieces right under your click. 

You can skip a song or, replay a favorite one as many times as you want. (use the bottom right arrows on the above player to view all the songs)

Most of these songs express Konpa's favorite theme: "Love". Whether it's the Zouk-tainted rhythm of Daan Junior, Jackito's unique new vibe, or T-vice's solid beat. 

We made the sweet a little sour with the piece from Sweet Micky, titled: "Yon ti moral" -A moral lesson. This one is a reminder to always remain conscious of the constant fight for Haiti's well-being; even when the electrifying cadence of konpa music may find numerous ways to dilute our sad memories.

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