Haiti music: Six Amazing Haitian
Lead or Solo Singers

Tifane Probably the best new promising voice in Haiti's music, you'd think Tifane is Emeline Michel and Yole Derose packaged in one. But, think again... because she's all unique and original.
Don Kato Don Kato, the lead singer of Brother's Posse. Kato is simply a modern samba with an amazing musical soul.
Alan Cave Alan Cavé debuted with his band Zin and turned out to be one of the finest Haitian solo artists.
Belo Bélo is the young Haitian Raggae artist who got his break after Winning RFI Découvertes 2006. His music style is also influenced by genres such as Soul and Rara.

The other ones left are Black Alex and Eddie François. Enjoy their sensational voices among the videos below...

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