True, Homestyle Haitian Food Recipes

If you like the Haitian food recipes, you probably have the answer to this funny, yet not totally nonsensical question: 

What do Rachel Ray and Haitian-style cooking have in common?


Got it? 

We know you would! No measurements!

Well, they are still there. But you've got to have the magic hands of those cooks to know how to sprinkle to exact amount of every single ingredient.

We think Haitian mamas have got what it takes. That's why we've collected the most typical food recipes from the culture of Haiti... You've read our truly home-style Haitian griot recipe, and you know we also have some great appetizers, like Akra.  

Wherever else recipes can be, we will give them a unique trait, one that stays true to the original haitian grandma secret cookbook!


Haitian PIKLIZ  (A twist to your coleslaw!)


1 small white cabbage
3 carrots
1 oignon
1 sweet red or green or yellow
Green pepper (optional)
White vinegar enough to cover
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Haitian Pikliz Preparation

Peel the carrots. Wash all ingredients and dry them. Cut into julienne cuts.
Add vinegar, lemon juice, seasonning. Mix well and taste.
(Avoid water in preparation)

Good with fries too.

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