What is Haitian Food Like?

Interesting question... because maybe you've wondered why Haitian food smells so...Good.

We'll give a few theories later; but first, what is it like?


In Haiti, you find several dishes and recipe variations. Each region has a special dish, like the famous "Tonmtonm" recipe - a mix of breadfruit with okra from Jeremie city. 

No matter the city's recipe, though, rice remains a big part of the country's diet. Haitians reserve some rice dishes, like "Diri ak djondjon" - black rice - for special occasions such as weddings or christenings.

But, How come the Food Smell so Good?

OK. maybe the real fact is that it tastes good, too. And that's where we come up with a few attempts at finding the answer...

  • It's probably the Maggi seasoning...

  • Or better, the coconut milk we squeeze from the fruit meat. Ah ah!

  • It could also be that famous "Andoui" -special pork sausage-...

  • Or just the way we cook Haitian food. 

And by this, we mean the process... For example, Haitian moms usually get some citrus juice involved in cleaning the meat, then come... the seasoning, the boiling until it reaches a desired point and so on...

Want a vivid example?
Take a look at one of the biggest Haitian recipes: The Griot.


Haitian Griot
Photo credits: Jake Slage

The bottom line is all the above are potential reasons for the good taste and smell.

Does that mean most Haitian Women are Great Cooks?

Well a lot are. And one reason is that cooking seems to be a Haitian passion... Almost around every corner of downtown Port-au-Prince, and especially at noon, small food courts sell rice and beans or corn meal dishes (grits), both coupled with meat (mostly chicken, pork or beef). Common as a morning breakfast:

  • Patties filled with fried or boiled eggs - and let's not forget the herring meat stuffing! - along with the great Akasan drink.

What else is popular?

  • Boiled plantains with fried eggs, put together with a lettuce-and-tomato salad.

We remember how the nighttime was dedicated to "Fritay": a fried mix of mostly plantains, Akra, griot, and sweet potatoes. We hope you'll enjoy the recipes we add to our site. In the meantime, do you happen to have some homestyle Haitian food recipes you'd like to share? Well, do tell!

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