Why the Haitian Flag will Always Float

Can you imagine what exactly happened on the day the Haitian flag was created?

Let us try...


Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the head general, has a secret meeting with the members of the rebellious army in the northern city of Arcahaie...

The idea is simple: Complete the Haitian revolution by getting rid of the colonial forces and bring the people together under the blue and red banner.


On the last day of their reunion, May 18, 1803, Dessalines's goddaughter, Catherine Flon, receives  the greatest honor ever: sew what would become Haiti's flag!

And to this day, Ayiti is the only nation where a successful slave rebellion would lead to the country's independence.


Ayiti's motto: "L'union Fait la Force"

In the center of the flag is found the emblem: Les armes de la Republique - in English: "The republic's coat of arms".

Right under that picture is our country's motto whose meaning is:
there is Strength in Unity.

Because of our history, we all feel that our country needs to become a model of unity.


Haiti peace


That's one major reason why the country's banner is still floating. 

Because of the few smiles, the enduring laughs that still remain. We are an example of difficult survival to the rest of the world.

Strength is found in the flag, and that's all the magic of the national anthem...

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