Can the Haitian Language
Say Every Single Word?

It's very common for people to think that the Haitian language (Creole) is limited... that it can't say everything you want it to say...

  • Here's one truth: every language expresses the reality and experiencies of its speakers.
Haiti talk
Carol Bluntschli & Harry Nicolas

Let's just imagine this...

What if the kreyol nation could live - in their mother tongue - the every day reality of the developed, industrialized world?

Maybe the users themselves - both intellectuals and laymen -  would come up with new and adapted words for the most complex ideas and realities.


So, it's possible to make Haitian-creole say everything if we use it in everything!

So, can Creole fill the gap?

We really think so...

While there's a gap between creole and several experiences in the world of science and technology, it's possible to fill it.

For example, we can start with the promotion and effective use of creole in education, through the media, and in the social and scientific world. The same way it is for French or English.

That being said, let's see the different point of views on a burning question...

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