Cool facts about Haiti? 

 Show us, please!

Well, let's do the facts about Haiti a bit differently.  How about a quiz?

Don't panic, though.  It's a fun one!

Some Haitian facts such as the stories of famous historical figures can be so... cool to talk about when sharing cultural info with friends or acquaintances.

Wanna bet? Take this fun Quiz, then...

Cool Haiti Facts' Quiz

1. Who's the only Haitian soccer player to score at a FIFA World Cup?
  • Golman Pierre
  • Emmanuel Sanon
  • Patrice Dumont
2. What Haitian Band took Compas music to most major world festivals?
  • Sweet Micky
  • T-vice
  • Tabou Combo
3. In what battle did more than 700 Haitians fight against the British army during the American Revolutionary War?
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • The siege of Savannah
  • The war of Secession
4. Name the only nation in the world to gain its independence from a successful rebellion of slaves?
  • Haiti
  • South Africa
  • Tahiti

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