Are Haitian Hair Braids
the Secret to Long Hair?

By Doune

I once read on the internet that "Haitian women have a secret for long hair". As a haitian woman myself, I thought I'd let the Haitian hair braids secret out... 


Growing up, we had this oil called "Lwil Maskreti", an organic form of Palma Christi Oil that my mom used when she would braid our hair. 

Today I still use it for comestological needs and for other medicinal benefits.

Our Palma Christi is not as refined as the commercial Castor oil, and probably has better potential than its industrial form.

haiti girl hair braids

But the oil itself is not enough:

  • Traditionally , most mothers perm their daughters' hair when they reach at least 15 years old. I had my first one when I was 18 years old; and believe it or not, I still think there's a wisdom to that... Wouldn't a 16 year old take better care of her hair than a 6-year-old?

  • When the hair is not permed, they press it using a special iron. usually, The hair stays ironed for 2 weeks. this can be a longer or lesser time depending on the texture. For people with sweating scalps, the effect can last for only 2 days.

  • And Haitian moms also braid their girls' hair after carefully combing it. I don't think I can stress that enough... There's magic in the braiding!

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