Haitian Hair Care Wonders!

Haitian hair care is based on simple, natural black hair maintenance. There are different factors that affect the hair’s growth. Our hormones, overall health, genes, overall health and how well we care for our hair can all play a part in how long and beautiful your hair can be. 

 There are simple Haitian hair care tips that we can do to keep our hair in good shape. Not shampooing every day, avoiding hot hair dryers, and using very gentle brushes give the hair a healthy shine. Using good quality Haitian hair care products is also important as some products can do more harm to the hair than making it beautiful. haitian hair

The #1 Haitian hair solution: Castor oil

Though Haitian Palma Christi Oil is popular in natural medicine, its use is not only limited to curing illnesses. The plant is thought to have originated from the African continent and is now found throughout the Caribbean, South America and Asia.

 In Haiti, the unrefined kind of Palma Christi is used as the favorite Haitian hair product that brings shine and bounce to women’s hair. Haitian girls are known for their beautiful hair and the Palma Christi oil has been thought as one of the women’s secrets. The oil is much darker, more viscous and the aroma is much stronger in Haiti. Moms usually apply Palma Christi oil to the hair of their children when braiding. 

How Haitian hair is prepped

The scalp should also be kept clean and healthy by applying oil treatments. Palma Christi oil is also heated and applied to the scalp for scalp conditioning and strengthening the Haitian hair roots.

The oil needs to penetrate the skin when used for hair growth. Applying the oil to your scalp, then wrapping your head in a towel for overnight makes the oil penetrate the scalp better. Using it for scalp massages at night stimulates hair growth in the damaged or problematic areas of the hair.


More Castor oil, Haitian hair tips

The oil can help the hair follicles become stronger and give hair a glossy shine as well. Haitian

Palma Christi oil makes detangling a lot easier especially when applied to wet hair.

You can add the oil to your conditioner to give an extra boots of moisture. Sometimes the oil feels a little gritty when applied to the hair. But don’t worry because it dries very soft and leaves the hair full of shine and moisture.

Palma Christi Castor oil is also a well-known haitian hair loss remedy because of its germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties of Ricin/Ricinoleic acid in the oil. Hair loss is usually caused by microbial and fungal infections. Application of the oil helps prevent the hair from drying and promotes healthier natural hair growth.

So try adding Haitian Palma Christi oil to your weekly routine and see the wonders that it can do to your hair. Every woman in Haiti knows that Palma Christi oil does not only make the Haitian hair soft and moisturized, but also make the softness last all day. 


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