Haiti Culture: Folklore Groups

We have lots of respect for the numerous Haiti culture groups that are promoting the Haitian culture through their talents.


There are many reputable Haitian cultural groups inside Haiti's borders.  

However, we would like  to bring  attention to the ones that are filling the gap between their national land and the outside world.

Maybe you haven't heard of some of them, so we have the spotlight on a couple of picks...


"La Troupe Zetwal"

Would you like to watch a traditional Haitian folklore dance team?

The Zetwal dance group, based in New York, has probably some of the youngest Haitian dancers out there with magical hip movements and sometimes their traditional Haitian braids that'll take you straight to Haiti's folklore heartland.

Zetwal has been around since 2001, bringing the Haitian rhythm and other styles (the Caribbean Zouk and the African Soukous) to the US East coast.

Check out their website for their next big Haitian Folklore dance event!

"La troupe Makandal"

Representing Ayiti's culture since 1984 as a non-profit organization,
the Makandal Haiti dance company has caught the interest of many and brought the country's folklore to the mainstream.

Also based in New York City, They are known for their performances of the sacred Voodoo dance. Read more on Haiti's three main religions

Visit La Troupe Makandal.org

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