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Welcome to the place where you can connect to the Haitian culture, the Creole language, the music, the people, the history, and more on Haiti... all through mini-articles, videos and fun activities!

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We all have something we like about Ayiti.
Whether it's the Compas songs, the Caribbean food, the flag, and whatnot...

you are probably curious... or simply in love... somehow. 

Since Christopher Columbus discovered Ayiti (Taino indian name) on December 5th, 1492, the mountainous land has known historical moments and events that still 
draw the outsitde world's curiosity.

Today, whether you are Haitian by birth or in heart, or whatever your biggest interest may be... you'll have the opportunity to read, watch and sing what we cherish most about Ayiti, right here on your website.

 Haiti water-fall

  • You'll share the lively spirit of the creole people as we showcase their unique courage as a nation.
  • You'll learn about Haiti's Food if you are new to the exotic taste of our exquisite cuisine.
    • And you'll get positive "Zen" (news)  about the latest initiatives, whether inside Haiti or out there in the Diaspora.


You can do all the above and more... or, simply enjoy the tour and take part in the fun!

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Labadee Haiti

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